Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What Token Resistance Reveals

Token resistance is a bit of a strange thing, since initially it seems counterintuitive. Why would a woman resist that which she actually desires? In my pre-game days, such a thing would be likely to confuse and perplex me. Now, I think that token resistance is both a fascinating and fun thing that speaks volumes about the intriguing differences between men and women.

Most of the important truths about women aren't completely obvious. They are subtle things that you have to discover, either through your own experiences or vicariously, through the experience of others. Token resistance is something that reveals three fundamental truths about women.

1. Women Love Intuitiveness
I can't say why women so strongly like intuitiveness, but there is something that strongly attracts a woman to a man that she perceives as intuitive. Strong game always necessitates that a man be skilled at interpretting non-verbal communication such as tone, body language, facial expressions and unexplained actions. While this is never something a woman will vocalize, every woman secretly has a desire for her man to know what she's thinking without having to express it verbally. Token resistance, in this regard, is a test of a man's intuitiveness. If he listens only to her words, then she views him as unintuitive. If she knows that he knows that what she says isn't actually what she means, then she becomes more strongly attracted to him, because she feels that he understands her on some deeper level.

2. Women Enjoy Being Chased
Any sort of romantic male-female relationship, and especially the enjoyable sort, necessarily includes elements of chase. Generally, women like to be chased and men like to chase. Women like to be chased, because they enjoy being desired. They enjoy being attractive enough to be worth pursuing. Men naturally enjoy chasing and pursuing that which they desire. Masculine men are always driven and ambitious. They set their sights on what they desire, and they allow nothing to deter them from their quest. Not only does this element of challenge testify to the fundamental natures of both men and women, but the chase itself is an enjoyable thing. Even when the eventual outcome is known by both parties, the chase is still a thoroughly delightful part of the experience, for both people.

3. Women Love Dominant Men
Of course, this is probably the strongest reason of all. Given that women are hard-wired to desire to submit to a dominant man, a woman likes to know that her man is a leader who does things according to what he thinks is best. If a few words or a little resistance from her is able to deter him from pursuing what he wants, he certainly isn't very dominant. When a man remains undeterred from attaining what he desires, even in the presence of resistance or opposition, his dominance is clearly displayed. Without fail, a clear demonstration of masculine dominance is something that strongly increases the present attraction that a woman feels for her man. For this reason, token resistance is offered both as a test of a man's dominance and as an opportunity for a man to display his dominance.


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  2. I agree with all three points, and I have to say that this way exactly the sort of thing which eluded me before I learnt about game.

    I think being genuinely intuitive is the most difficult of the three. I certainly lack that window into the 'feminine paradigm', as it were.

    Fortunately the best weapon against token resistance is fairly simple: just assume she's attracted to you and escalate. The worst that can happen is you leave empty handed, but you've hardly lost anything.

    As for the chase and being dominant, I find abstaining from masturbation to be the single greatest aid - I have more testosterone, I'm generally hornier and I'm willing to go to further lengths to bed the woman. This is definitely an overlooked aspect of inner game: don't whack off in the morning, try to abstain from masturbation 2-3 days at a time.

  3. Thanks for the insight. My comments grew long and turned into a blog post.

  4. One thing I could intuit, even if I didn't know you, Silas, is that this post was written by a single man. Write again on this topic after you've been married for about 15 years or so.

  5. I would advise you to keep searching for "important truths about women"

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  7. The biggest obstacle to men discovering this on their own: feminist propaganda in the schools/media/culture. From a relatively young age, we get it hammered into our heads that we must have explicit consent to every little thing at every stage of a sexual encounter. Any kind of reluctance or resistance on the woman's part equals non-consent, and if you try to push back against that resistance (i.e. displaying dominance, as you say)... then you are a criminal scumbag rapist, and you can look forward to a different kind of rape in the penal system and a lifetime on the sex offender list. And it doesn't help that there's a push to change the law in some places so that a seemingly-consensual sexual encounter that a woman regrets can become "retroactive rape" and prosecuted as such.

    All that's enough to scare men closer to the "beta" end of the spectrum away from even trying. They don't want to be seen as sexual harassers or rapists, so they do what society tells them and stop when a woman says "no"... and then proceed to get classified as a wimp and dumped by that woman, for not being intuitive enough..

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