Thursday, December 31, 2009

Game Lexicon

This lexicon may be of use to those who read various sites that discuss or advocate Game:

Alpha - A man who is extremely skilled at attracting and seducing women, including extremely attractive and desirable ones.

Beta - A man who is neither extremely skilled at attracting women, nor extremely repellent to women. Most men fall into this category.

Game - A categorical term that encompasses both Game Theory and Gamers. Sometimes it is mistakenly expanded, especially by critics of Game, to include Gamers' lifestyles and Students of Game, neither of which validly fall under the proper domain of canonical Game.

Game Theory - The comprehensive body of knowledge discovered, discussed and practically tested by Gamers, including, but not limited to, the various social and psychological theories and hypotheses concerning male attractiveness, the formation of romantic relationships, and the fundamental dichotomy between masculinity and femininity

Gamers/Gamists/Gamesmen - Advocates and practitioners of Game, in any of its various forms, who not only utilize Game for their own personal enrichment, but who also expand Game Theory and seek to share their insights with the larger community.

Gaming - The practical application of Game Theory to social relationships.

Ghosting - In response to the problems of the modern dating scene, choosing not to pursue romantic relationships, for various personal reasons.

Inner Game - Sections of Game Theory that are concerned with worldview, mindsets and character traits related to male attractiveness.

Long-Term Relationship - Any romantic relationship that is begun with the goal of being a lasting relationship or leading to marriage, regardless of the final outcome of the relationship.

LTR - An acronym for Long-Term Relationship (see entry)

Men Going Their Own Way - Those who choose to reject certain aspects of the modern cultural paradigm in any area of life, and who respond to culture by living according to a differing mindset. This may take many various external forms.

Men's Rights Activist - A Men's Rights Advocate who not only advocates solutions to the current legal systemic flaws, but also actively works to address those injustices through political involvement.

Men's Rights Advocate - One who is concerned by the present misandrist modern legal system, who seeks to raise awareness about the injustices of the system, and who advocates possible solutions, either personal or systemic, for the problems thereof.

MGTOW - An acronym for Men Going Their Own Way (see entry)

MRA - An acronym for Men's Rights Advocate (see entry); sometimes confused with Men's Rights Activist (see entry)

Omega - A man who has serious difficulties attracting women of any sort, typically due to major mental, emotional or psychological deficiencies.

Outer Game - Sections of Game Theory that are concerned with behaviors, mannerisms, personality and other external means of interacting, related to male attractiveness.

Patriarch - A Gamer who utilizes Game Theory for the purposes of providing strong male leadership to his wife and children, for the betterment of both his immediate family and society at large.

Pick-Up Artist - A Gamer who utilizes Game Theory for the purposes of meeting and seducing women, with a focus on STRs and one-night stands.

PUA - An acyronym for Pick-Up Artist (see entry)

Relationship Market - Consisting of all men and women who are looking to form a LTR.

Relationship Market Value - The overall relationship-worthiness of a person. Given the multi-faceted nature of life, the criteria for this is broad and is often not easily measurable.

Sexual Market - Consisting of all men and women who are looking for casual sex or a Short-Term Relationship. Popular venues for those in the Sexual Market are: bars, lounges and clubs.

Sexual Market Value - The raw sexual attractiveness of a person, often capable of being communicated and expressed by a numerical value. For women, it is primarily determined by physical appearance and manner of dress. For men, it is primarily determined by social dominance and psycho-sexual prowess. A person's Sexual Market Value is strongly correlated with their potential for success in the Sexual Market.

Short-Term Relationship - Any romantic relationship that is begun with the intention of being non-durable. This includes temporary relationships, casual hook-ups, and friends with benefits arrangements.

SMV - An acronym for Sexual Market Value (see entry)

STR - An acronym for Short-Term Relationship (see entry)

Student of Game - Any person who studies Game Theory or reads the writings of Gamers. (This includes even those who oppose aspects of Game because of moral or personal convictions. This also includes students of all skill levels, from an utter Game neophyte, to an experienced Gamer who continually expands Game Theory and seeks to enhance his mastery of Game.)

Readers: Feel free to offer comments on my definitions and suggestions for other terms that should be added, or for modifications that should be made to certain terms.


  1. This is a good list Silas, but I'd quibble with one definition.

    I'm against the use of the term "Gamer" because it was popularized as a pejorative by anti-game writers, chiefly Larry Auster and his cohorts. See this post for a particularly obnoxious (and ignorant) example:

    If you want a replacement term, I suggest "gamist." It was coined by Mark Richardson, an associate of Auster's who takes a more neutral view of game:

  2. Silas,

    Good list, but you are confusing MGTOW with Ghosting. Like I said elsewhere:

    The veterans of MGTOW have always maintained that men "going their own way" will take various paths in their lives. Like I said, even one of the guys who came up with the MGTOW concept has been happily married for many years. There have been other key players, who though originally single, have gone on to become engaged and married without renouncing their MGTOW beliefs. In short, MGTOW is not a call to hermitage, but a call to self-determination.

  3. A rookie question. Sometimes I see women referred to as HB or UB (followed by a number). What does that mean?

  4. @Ferdinand: While I do agree that some use the term "Gamer" with a negative connotation, I do not yet see a reason to cede the term's proper definition to them. It seems that more objections are raised as to what a "Gamer/Gamist" actually does or to how they view the world, than to the actual terms themselves. I soon hope to address some of the moral/ethical issues that continue to be raised in the community.

    @Anakin: Thank you for enlightening me as to a more fitting definition of MGTOW (which ends up being a completely different thing than Game) and Ghosting, which is a relational strategy. I will update my terminology accordingly.

    @Anonymous: The terms HB and UB typically mean "Hot Babe" and "Ugly Babe," and the number following the abbreviation is their suggested Sexual Market Value, where 10 is the most sexually attractive and 1 is the least sexually attractive.

  5. What about Hypergamy? Supposedly, according to quite a few authors, this is the root of the whole thing.

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